Quriky.Com Review
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Quriky.Com Review

The easiest way to bring your inventions to life.

Okay, I was a skeptic at first.  I didn't think this small website could lead to the creation of many different products.  However, after joining and posting a few projects of my own, I've noticed that it isn't so hard to believe.  Though I haven’t made any huge projects yet, I can tell that many people have "won" first place so to speak on several occasions.  I have to say that the site itself is genius.  It's build is quit inelegant and it's purpose, nearly flawless.

What Quirky is All About?

Quirky is a company built to help inventors with great "ideas for inventions" get there products out there.  There essential spokesman Jake Zien inventor of the "Pivot Power" power strip is one of the most successful inventors in relation with Quirky today.  A documentary captivating Quirkys' success shows Jake Zien receive a check for over $26,000 for his power strip invention.  Truly and unforgettable moment for any creator of any kind.  

Quirkys possitives

Quirky has some great features.  They have a strong online community, a great invention and design team.  They make it easy, over all, to put a project together and allow many different aspects of said project to flow coherently throughout the development process.  In any case, Quirky has definitely been able to gain a great amount of fame and business over the past several years.

Quirkys' Negatives 

Now understand that the following points are not made to deter people away from Quirky.  It's truly an amazing company and website.  However, the community is a bit low in the fun factor.  While understanding and keeping in mind that the point of the website isn't necessarily supposed to be a fun interactive solution.  It should definitely have a bit more appeal than it does in this instant.  

A sites interactivity and community are essential to success as a website.  The site itself just doesn't have any real flare.  It's aspect of professionalism is great, but not anything that catches the eye, or "punches one in the face"; and, while it does have professional appeal that ever essential "feel of fun" in many ways drags the interactive level down.  

Lastly, the Quirky website has some great features and a great community of people.  However, it does have some work to be done as far as its' interactivity level.  The site is not as flashy as it could be and has the potential to drag interest away with its blah, non-appeal.  Either way, the ability to have your ideas turned into reality for a small $10 fee is a great deal; especially when there are so many coupon codes floating around the internet (laughs sarcastically).  The world will one day thank Quirky.      


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