List of Productivity Tools and Tips for Aspiring Bloggers.
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List of Productivity Tools and Tips for Aspiring Bloggers.

A simple list of resources to help you in your job as a freelance blogger.

Blogging is a new way to make money on the side for some people; for others, it is an artform and a way of living. Because of the rate people need to make money, we need to increase in our productivity to increase the results of our actions. What do we exactly need to do to make blogging not only faster, but also easier? Simple, because I will mention a list of tools and tips that are deemed useful for your blogging.

1. A timer - If ever you use the Opera internet brower, there is a nifty app which can help you get productivity for twenty-five minutes. Though if you are not using Opera, you can use online timers like this to improve your blogging time. Because with timers like these, you will be able to improve your writing speed and that would mean more blogs within a day's shift.

2. A notebook/planner - Writing isn't always "Que Sera Sera" (anything goes) for us bloggers. Whether we talk about our favorite restaurants, rantings about certain products or even gaming reviews. It is always better to plan ahead of what you will blog for the following day; otherwise, it will end up causing you to be distracted by something else and may not have the expected results when writing your pieces. 

3. Intense time management skills - Now this is the important thing needed as a blogger, it's not just time management, but clockwork to get your blogging count faster than the usual. To do this, all you need is to simply measure your time by common sense and make the most out of your day. Regardless of your blogging provider (Factoidz. blogger w/ adsense, bukisa, triond, etc...), as long as you make your time well and get your entries in time, you will have better experience.

4. Piece of mind - Amidst the hard and calculated nature of blogging, you must also have time for yourself. Because by overworking yourself, you can lose your grip and cause yourself to burn out in writing for a while. Play the saxophone, eat nachos, or even simply going to the park to see the flowers bloom are one of the many things you can do to calm your mind and help you get away from the texts and the endless search for SEO materials.

To summarize all these points, all I am saying is that: 

1. You need to get a timer.

2. You need to plan your articles and get a notebook to plan beforehand.

3. You need to measure your time like clockwork.

4. Also, have fun and refrain from being dull. 

With these tools simply put, you can already improve your blogging speed and blogging count; which can mean more money for you and more productivity on your end. It's a win-win situation for you.

Comments are appreciated.

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